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The purpose of these lessons is for students to become better individuals during this developmental stage of their life. As young adolescents, students discover more about themselves and utilize their social/emotional skills more readily. These lessons are strategies and coping skills they can utilize in order to be a successful individual in their family, school, and community.


Google Classroom Codes: 

6th Grade:

Ms. Finch: devhvrz

Ms. Hensley: kgd4kck

Ms. Nelson: xyrb5m6

Mrs. Secrist: ojg5wuv

Mrs. Slack: yfndtzn


7th Grade: 

Mr. F: dczvkh7

Ms. Heil: qwe6xe2

Mrs. Johnson: ijibclu

Ms. McLoud: tzc2uu4

Mr. Stratman: f3x2iwo


8th Grade: 

Mrs. Bell: qfn5mmv

Mr. Chase: xngfy7a

Mrs. Hattan: hjicrio

Mr. Jensen: lskclg5

Ms. Stanley: 6dcqs3a