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Hi Highland Huskies Families!

I am excited to join Highland Middle School for my sixth year as the school counselor and am looking forward to working with you and your children for another year!  

Some little facts about me 

I have lived in Colorado for the majority of my life and could not see myself living anywhere else in the US. I have worked in education for 11 years in the capacity of a high school mathematics teacher and school counselor. In 2015, I made the decision to go back to my alma mater, the University of Northern Colorado, and study school counseling in order to obtain my masters and become a counselor, graduating in 2018. I am excited to continue working with younger adolescent students to help prepare them for high school and beyond. I am enjoying another year continuing to build my life here in the Northern Colorado community.   

What role at HMS I play

It is important to me that students understand that every choice has a consequence, whether good or bad.  By bringing my experiences to the middle school, students will make this connection sooner, making the transitions of life easier. I want students to be accountable for their actions and take responsibility for their choices.  

I will be working with your children through:

  • Classroom Lessons: I am scheduled to provide lessons for your students in their advisory/toggles classroom once a week. Lessons vary by age group but may include topics such as goal setting, social responsibility, anxiety, being a good friend, decision making, career awareness and exploration, etc... 
  • Individual Sessions: I can meet with students to discuss any number of concerns. Students can self-refer to me by filling out an appointment request form.  These will be found in the hallway outside the main office, or they can get one from their teacher.  Parents and teachers can also request that I meet with a student. 
  • Group Counseling Sessions: I meet with groups of students for structured, scheduled group sessions that focus on a particular topic.  These are created based on student needs.  Groups will be scheduled on a rotation so students are not missing academics at length.  Parents will be notified and permission slips will be signed at that time. Parents may also recommend any student or topic if you think they would benefit from the experience.

In addition, I work with parents and outside professionals (pediatricians or therapists) to ensure that students' needs are met in the school setting.  It is important the lines of communication are open between school and home to ensure the most success for our students.